Five further reasons why having lesbian mothers can suck

  1. When you attend lesbian nights out as a  twenty-four-year-old, you invariably end up bumping into your mums’ friends, who babysat you as a youngster
  2. Dates turn into coaching sessions when the guy sitting opposite, apropos of nothing, says “So I totally agree that gay people should be able to get married but I really worry about the impact on the children”
  3. Applying for the very lowest level of national security clearance takes you almost a year longer than most of your colleagues and you assume that’s because the form forces you to document four separate ‘mothers’ and write explanatory notes in the margins – the Government’s relationship options don’t quite cover the bases
  4. Your biggest struggle at university is learning to cope with toilet seats being left up
  5. You’re the most unfashionable kid at school, because your mums don’t teach you how to apply make up and don’t own any high heels you can borrow for the school disco – instead you turn up to hikes massively over prepared




2 thoughts on “Five further reasons why having lesbian mothers can suck

  1. Amanda Lee

    I stumbled onto your blog a few weeks ago and love it. But this in particular made me laugh. Especially #5. If my kid grows up to be half as loving and good-natured as you are, I’d consider it a success.

    (Wow, I sound really old when I write that. I just had a baby, I’m probably closer to your age than you are to his! I don’t know how I got all “old mom” on you there, sorry!)


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