About the Author

I’m Shoshana. I’m the mid-twenties, mixed race, Jewish, pansexual daughter of two lesbians and an Indian sperm donor.

Me at Bristol Pride 2012

Me at Bristol Pride 2012

My immediate family is completed by the addition of my younger brother, Reuven. Leah had me, Deborah had Reuven, and we share the same donor. Leah and Deborah are now separated, and we have the wonderful Anne as our step-mother (she and Deb got civilly partnered a few years ago now. There was a garden party and tapas; it was great).

I can draw you a diagram, but I think organogramming a family is only really appropriate when you have layers of royalty in there.

With me so far? Okay, I’m now introducing A, Bernadette, Conor and Daragh into the mix. Daragh shares the same donor as Reuven and I, making him our half-brother. He was born just a month after me. Conor is Daragh’s older brother, and A and Bernadette are their mums. Conor and Daragh are the opposite of me and Reuven in that they have the same birth mum and different donors. They’re our extended chosen family – we grew up living next door to them, until they left the country.

A bit more about me: I studied English at uni; I’m scared of snakes; I’m an occasional Arts & Theatre reviewer for The F Word and have had an article published on The Vagenda; my room is painted orange; my main interests are politics, literature, theatre and travel; I love macarons but despise cupcakes; I’ve travelled to over 35 countries; I still sleep with my toy dog; I’m passionate about standing up for the rights of all peoples. In short, I’m a very ordinary extraordinary kind of person.

If you want to know more about why I started this blog – check out About This Blog.

If you want to get in touch, you can do so at mymotherfullfamily@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. laura-w24

    Now that sounds like a family worth blogging about ;)
    Thank you for paying me a visit…if you ever need a giggle go and look up dog grooms! It’s insane. My poor Annie isn’t going to know what’s hit her come Christmas, the fancy dress options are endless!
    Your blog is sounding pretty great to me, I think I’m about to have a bit of a binge on it :)


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